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Two methods are generally preferred in breast augmentation surgery. The most durable solution for breast augmentation surgery and the most common method of prosthesis placement are prominent. The size of the prostheses will be selected according to your breast and rib cage structure, size, size and shape of your breast. The type of incisions to be created in this type of operation varies according to the location.

The prosthesis is placed through the nipple, just below the breast, under the armpit or through the navel hole. By preparing pockets in the breast, silicone prostheses can easily be placed just below the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. Such operations are usually performed under general anesthesia and may take one to three hours depending on the extent of the operation. For a while, using a bra without braces will prevent the formation of edema.


In breast enlargement operations performed by the method of fat injection, the patient must have sufficient fat tissue in the body structure. Liposuction method taken from any part of the body with excess fat tissue liposuction method will be subjected to special treatment and the stem cells will be enriched by placing the desired shape will be placed. If the asymmetry and deformity in the breasts is more preferred, this method is achieved, the intended steep and full chest structure is achieved.