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Nasal surgery can be performed in two different ways as closed and open technique. The surgery is planned according to the technique preferred by your surgeon. In open technique, a V-shaped incision is made to the nose tip and the nose is opened and the operation is performed. Nowadays, many surgeons prefer

In the closed technique, the incisions are made through the nostrils. The nose is not fully opened and is performed from the inside via the videoendoscopic imaging technique. All problems such as belt, curvature, shrinkage, cartilage tissue disorders, nostril asymmetry or low nasal tip may all be removed by an operation with an average of 1.5 hours. In the closed rhinoplasty technique, spontaneous boiling sutures are injected into the nose. This eliminates the need for stitches. Nowadays, applications such as buffers and gypsum are not used. Instead, silicone splints and nasal bands are used to make breathing easier. Both are developments that make the postoperative process easier for the patient. After the operation, the patient can return home after staying in the hospital for the same or a night.