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Pores and wrinkles formed under the eyes, jaw line, which is broken down from cheeks, ie jaws towards the jaw, are the target areas of the face lift surgery.

Classical face lift techniques are preferred in patients with multiple skin wrinkles and sagging. In this technique, an incision starts from the patient´s favorite region and continues towards the ear and then to the back of the ear. The success of this surgery lies not in the skin, but in the tension of the deep tissues. No tension should be left on the skin. Otherwise, the skin is very stretched during the recovery and leaves a bad mark. However, thanks to the suspension of deep tissues, it is possible to reach long lasting results.

Another method for facial stretching is the technique of 4mm thick surgical cameras called endoscopes. In this technique, deep tissues are stretched up and detected by small incisions in the scalp. Patients without sagging on the face, jaw line is not very distorted and skin wrinkling is less suitable for endoscopic face lift patients.